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100 – (Case Study) How I Increased Engagement In My Community 70% in 7 Days!

by Ryan Carruthers | Last Updated: July 14, 2021

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In this episode I will break down how I increased community engagement by 70% in 7 days, I’ll break down the whole process so you can have all my key takeaways. 

Shall we get into it? 

So I got this idea from a blog post by digital marketer, where they ran an experiment to do a lurker week to try and increase their silent members in their community – it got me thinking I had 700 members at the time but only 20% of them engaged – I know others got value as they read the posts 

BUT could I get them to post? 

What was my aim? I wanted people to get more out of the community, I know they emailed or privately messaged but I knew they’d learn faster and get more out of it from communicating in the group. 

The results were: 

We had people starting threads and actually calling themselves lurkers, saying why they didn’t comment – which broke down a lot of their fears and the community really rallied around them! 

Firstly lets start with what a lurker is? 

It’s defined as somebody who reads messages by people in an online group but doesn’t comment themselves – lurkers get value I know this otherwise they would have left, but why do lurkers lurk? 

The next points are great for all membership site owners to look at and understand… 

Now we know the results and what lurkers are… how did I do it? 

The idea was to have a whole week where the focus was going to be on the community so I needed to bring together to members who currently comment and make sure I built a buzz of this…. 

I got the team together and explained what I was planning and that the focus of all us was to highlight what was great about the community…. 

I then posted in the group following the format Digital marketer used it got HUGE response 

From here I had a cracking set of posts from the members that they loved! So I could bring them back to life! 

Then we pinned a post at the top explaining what was going to happen in the lurker week & that we would be giving prizes – I love prizes – it also made people know what was going on 

Then I posted everyday! I also emailed links to these posts – they were simple posts with images 

Then we did 2 round up posts – we spaced these out a few days to try and get people coming back again. 


What about after though? 

What can you take from this?