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103 – My Members Aren’t Getting Results – What Can I Do?

by Ryan Carruthers | Last Updated: August 4, 2021

I’m struggling with getting my members results. What can I do?

Well there are a few things that you can do and I am going to detail them, but one of the things I really want to talk about here is mindset – I’ve had a membership for over ten years, this is something I’ve really had to work hard on.

Firstly it might not be you, I know you think it might be you, that you aren’t actually good at what you think you are.

I used to obsess over this almost to the point where I would go above and beyond for the members and start doing it for them – I learnt a valuble lesson here, they didn’t carry on after…. why you might say? Because there was internal mindset shifts that I couldn’t help them shift!

I really care about my members and I want them to get results, I give them everything I have got – but the old saying you can lead a horse to water BUT you can’t make it drink it rings so true here.

Because I can share with you what I know would would but the emphasis on actually doing the work is on the members.

This is where mindset comes in because everybody is different and they are battling demons that you might not know about or be able to help them with.

The first step is to ask yourself this…..

If my members followed all the steps I gave them would they get the result I promised? If the answer is yes! Then you need to find out the triggers and barriers that are stopping them taking the action.

IF NO then you need to work on your content by following the next 4 steps.

  1. Review your content’s goals and make sure they’re realistic
  2. Check that your members are following the program as it is laid out
  3. Make sure you have a solid customer service team in place to help with any questions or issues
  4. Reach out to see what members think the issue is?

I know that you want your members to get results, but if they’re not getting the results you expected, it can be frustrating.

You might be feeling like a fraud or a failure or WORSE that people will think you are the problem they aren’t getting results….

The problem isn’t you…. find out why in this podcast episode!

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