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106 – Increasing Your Engagement – Don’t focus on only the people who comment

by Ryan Carruthers | Last Updated: August 25, 2021

Firstly what is engagement? 

Experts say a good 10% of members is a good number – this means they are commenting and showing up, I think though we need to unpack that a bit because just because people aren’t commenting doesn’t mean they aren’t engaged 

Here’s mistakes membership site owners make 

Now after this episode you aren’t going to be those guys! 

For me an engaged member falls into one of these: 

I learnt this from doing my lurker week – that a lot of people get what they need by just reading and don’t feel the need to add anything to the discussion 

Actionable steps 

Don’t post random stuff or where you just ask Q’s – post different types of content and speak to them 

Randomly message people who dont comment to see how they are 

This will mean you don’t just focus on engagement numbers!