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How To 10x Your Membership With A Killer Offer

by Ryan Carruthers | Last Updated: October 27, 2021

What you’ll get from this: Steps to create a killer offer for their membership

I want to start this episode by calling out all membership owners who don’t feel like their membership offer is so good people cannot say no to it?

What’s the difference between membership site owners who get members every single day & those who spend all day on social media hoping somebody will buy their membership and all night dreaming about how their life will be different when their membership has 100 members?

As a rockstar (yes you are a rockstar) who totally knows their niche so well, you should be able to get to 100 members in your membership.

This podcast episode today I believe has the power to change your life, I am going to show you exactly how to create an offer so good for your membership people will be CRAZY, not to do business with!

I want to give you the tools that make it so people cannot say no to you, like I can’t say no to white choc covered oreos! If they are offered to me I eat them…. Without hesitation… I want to make your membership as powerful as white chocolate Oreos are to me.

That’s the difference!

This isn’t also going to be an episode that takes you 8 weeks to see results, listen in to this fire some emails out and you’ll see results in 2 weeks. I’ve also created a full action plan to follow that will tell you everything you need to do and I will tell you somewhere in this episode how to get it – come on if you can’t grab a coffee and listen to a LIFE changing podcast I can’t just give you it?

Grab a coffee, get ready!

Membership Offer Trello Board

I will be talking about these steps on Twitter (Follow me here) – You can also get the Trello board by emailing me Ryan @ the membership mastery but by emailing me you agree too

  1. Make a copy of the Trello Board
  2. Follow the steps
  3. Have fun – Check-in Tweet me or email

If you do I promise to help you!