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119 – How I had my highest grossing month with a black Friday promo

by Ryan Carruthers | Last Updated: November 24, 2021

We all want more members right? We are trying everything every day to get them, what I will share with you in this episode shows how I had my highest grossing month & how I took what was going to be a one-off yearly deal and included it into my membership to repeat the success.

Goals with the episode

Let’s do this then!

I had always not done a black Friday sale, I thought they were spammy, just trying too get people to buy things they didn’t really need.

I also thought it was a noisy day to be trying to sell on.

But boy did all that change, we have a weekly meeting at BTC and we said didn’t have anything done for black Friday, maybe we should send one email about an offer.

I was reluctant.

I said ‘I don’t want people just for a month then leave though’ when Adam said let’s do yearly.

I said cool, I’d heard about a marketer in the states having HUGE success with a pay what you want offer.

So, that’s how simple we kept it…

The email is below…


Literally, make us an offer

The offers came in their droves.

We had people saying things like….

This blew me away! We do this every year but I also debrief everything and gather learnings to see what worked and why and how can we replicate it.

What I learnt

Steps you can use to do this

Let me know how you get on!