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102 – 3 Easy Ways to Increase Engagement

by Ryan Carruthers | Last Updated: July 28, 2021

Every day, I watch as membership site owners struggle to engage with their audiences. Some are even resorting to the dreaded “please like me” tactic – which is not only ineffective but also turns off potential audience members.

In this podcast, we’ll discuss 3 easy ways you can increase engagement in your membership site without coming across as desperate or needy.

1) Ask Q’s – Your members are the hero here, so ask yourself what do they want? Then create a list of everything they need to know around that topic then brainstorm a list of questions! Make sure you break the seriousness up with some fun!

2) Share personal stories about how you overcame a challenge in order to help others do the same thing: People want to know that if they follow your advice, they will

3) Use badges brainstorm a list of badges that could increase engagement, for example recently I used a MVP badge which increased engagement and I give this away everymonth! You could also combine this with a leaderboard!

You can create a powerful community by fostering trust and authenticity with your members. Be proactive about creating the best customer experience possible, and you will see an increase in engagement that could lead to higher revenue for your business! To help you take this first step, we’ve created a list of 3 tips. Which one do think will be the most effective?

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