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117 – Taking a new podcast 100,000 downloads ZERO Ad Spend – Arielle Nissenblatt

by Ryan Carruthers | Last Updated: November 10, 2021

Arielle Nisenblatt got my attention on Twitter. This lady took a really niche show to over 100,000 downloads with no ad spend.
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If you have a podcast, downloads are the lifeblood of that show. Without them, you’ll never be able to get more people engaging with you. You’ll struggle to build your audience. You’ll get zero getting sales for your membership.
Your podcast will never get going/ you’ll stutter along with it and you’ll never get any momentum with it.
  • Maybe you’ll start and not be consistent
  • Think you know what makes a good episode
There’s a lot to think about when starting and growing a podcast but in this episode, my guest is breaking it all down for you. Detailing how she took a podcast in a super niche topic to 100,000 downloads with zero ad spend.
I am always on the hunt for good podcast guests, it’s my goal to make this the best show about memberships there ever was. I came across this tweet…
Arielle Nisenblatt Podcast
I straight away clicked on the profile and saw that she had grown a show in a crazy niche to over 100,000 downloads.
I had to reply and get her on the show to break that epic thread down. I was reading it thinking I want to know how you did it.
Arielle Nissenblatt was an unreal guest, so much practical advice here.
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Here’s what we covered in the show:

If you want to connect with Arielle Nissenblatt…

Arielle’s Twitter

Ari’s epic twitter thread