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111 – Email Marketing in 2021 For Memberships

by Ryan Carruthers | Last Updated: September 29, 2021

Email Marketing in 2021 for your Membership

Have you ever heard people say email marketing is dead? Well it’s not and I think it’s STILL the best platform for selling your membership.

I mean Intuit just agreed to buy MailChimp for $12B! Yes, 12 billion!

Today’s podcast is all about email marketing and how you can use it in 2021 for your membership.

Why email is so important?

How people actually get on your list? 

How you should be using it? 

What should the regular emails be? 

How do you use email marketing in your membership? I am challenging you all reading this after listening to this podcast to email and let me know your takeaways and what you will implement into your emails.

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