Growing Your Membership Shouldn't Feel Like A Slog! 

Let me show you the exact steps to get to $20K a month - without the guru bullcrap

My Story 📖

I'm Ryan Carruthers, I fell into the world of memberships by pure chance! 

Over 10 years ago, I was just on a forum talking to people about trading. I was sharing the research I was doing and what results I was getting, turns out that was pretty impressive for people and they wanted my findings.... One forum member said 'Ryan, can I just pay you monthly and you email me what your doing everyday...' Yes of course, my first membership was born. 

I then realised I needed to know how to market this thing I had, which let me tell you was at this point a wix website page with a paypal button on and I manually emailed people daily! 

So, I set about the internet learning about marketing, building communities, giving value, creating content - I inhaled everything I could get my hands on. I then realised that I needed to make what I had better, so I did. I created a better community, which has been one of the greatest things I have ever done in my life. I have held this membership for ten years, learning and growing every week. 

It's enabled me to have the best and I mean best life. Now, I am able to help others with their membership - which is an honour! 

I got sick of hearing from fake guru's on the internet who were spouting about how to grow people's memberships and created The Membership Mastery. 

Want to Grow Your Membership? 🚀

Now.... it's at this point in the sales page, yes this is a sales page. That I am supposed to use pain on you the reader, so all the copywriters say. 

I am supposed to write long detailed explanations about 

  • How the engagement in your membership is killing you 
  • The crickets oh the crickets 
  • How the lack of sales is hurting you and stopping you live the life you deserve. 

You know so you realise that you need me? The truth is... 

I've never been one for following the rules. You know whether you need me, whether you want to work with me, whether where you membership right now is where you want it to be don't you? 

I'm not down for hurting you, I want to empower you! I want you to build your membership on your terms, why? Because that's how I did it & I know you can do this, I am nothing special. What I do have to offer is that I will will give you everything you need to build an action plan for your membership to build it the way you want.

I know I can help you. I want to be your biggest cheerleader, it's right about now I am going to show you what I offer and I know the copywriters reading this would be saying, why are you not digging into the pain? 

But that's just not a very nice way to go about getting members for me! I know 100% I can help you grow your membership, will it take work? Yes it will, from both of us but I am in this to help you. 

Will it hurt? Yes, but on those days I am there in your pocket, in your browser, in your DM's to support you - I have got your back. 

The Membership Accelerator 

So what exactly is the membership accelerator? 

It's a roadmap, a system a guide to build your membership on your terms. I am not going to tell you what to charge, whether you should do high ticket or low ticket. 

I'm going to give you 3 months (You can stay after if you want!) of weekly action guides, everything you need to build your membership to $20,000 a month - the roadmap to achieve this. 

A step by step action plan of what you need to do and when you need to do it, so that you can have the membership you want. 

By becoming a membership accelerator this is EXACTLY you will get access to: 

  • $20,000 a month roadmap - This will give you everything you need to be able to build a membership capable of hitting $20,000 a month - Giving you the financial freedom you crave 
  • 3 months access to the members only forum - You get 3 months access to the community of other membership site owners - You can have conversations that you don't very often get to have, with people who fully understand you and what you are trying to achieve. 
  • Weekly Group Coaching Call - Weekly Coaching Call to get clarity on where you are stuck - Every week you can get unstuck and have conversations with other membership site owners 
  • Weekly Accountability - Weekly check in to keep you on track - Every week check in's to see what your wins were, what the challenges are and what you need to focus on, enabling you to know what you need to work and be accountable
  • (BONUS) Private Coaching - Get 1 on 1 coaching - I use VideoAsk for one on one coaching which you get as part of your membership, you can ask any question you have and I will respond personally to help you within 24 hours (weekdays - slightly longer weekends!)
  • (BONUS) Masterclasses & Resources - Expert trainings on all things membership and Trello Boards to make your life easier - Expert trainings on all things membership like how to plan your content, how to get engagement and my personal Trello board to organise your membership. 

3 Month Accelerator 


I am including Private coaching for a short period, I want to be able to 100% serve the members who have it - Get it while you can! 

This is a one-off payment - if you want to stay in the membership after it will be £97 per month.

6 Month Accelerator 


I am including Private coaching for a short period, I want to be able to 100% serve the members who have it - Get it while you can! 

This is a one-off payment - if you want to stay in the membership after it will be £97 per month.

Want To See Inside? 

Who's It For? 

  • Somebody who already has a membership site 
  • That wants to be around other membership site owners 
  • Who wants to learn & share others wins 
  • Help create an empowered community 
  • Somebody who just wants to put into practise their knowledge and not take another course! 
  • Somebody who every week will share at least one win! 

Who's It Not For? 

  • Somebody who hasn't launched yet 
  • Somebody who doesn't want to talk to other people going through the same kind of thing they are 
  • If you don't like seeing others succeed 
  • If you don't want to be part of a community
  • Somebody who just wants to learn and not take action

30 Day Money Back Guarantee Plus Coffee ☕

I know as the business owner every time you make a purchase for the business it has to move the business forward. It needs to be right, you might also question it - which is why I am offering a full 30 day money back guarantee PLUS as a way of not serving you 100% I'll even buy you that fancy double shot caramel mac you like so much! 

All I ask is that you give it a fair go & show me the work you've done, fair? 

Here's What Others Are Saying About Us

Here's what people who have worked with me have had to say 

Your Questions Answered

Why can't I pay monthly? 

You can after the initial 3 month or 6 month option, the reason I have done this is I found that when I offered monthly people didn't leave - they stayed. 

I'm giving you 100% of my attention and my energy a 3 month commitment is what's needed to really get this rocking and build a solid membership together. 

Do I really get private coaching? 

Yes! It's actively encouraged. I love chatting memberships and helping people. So you are actively encouraged to use this feature and I will respond myself! 

Will I actually see you? 

Yes! This will not be the last time you see and hear me, I am active in my community. I know I have a lot of energy and I bring that into everything I do, you will see me all the time! 

Is this just another course? 

No, it's a series of steps designed for you to build a roadmap for your membership. Where I give you the tools and information in a very easy to digest and work at your own pace. This is not a course, they are old hat. This is step by step to get you to build the membership you want,  

What if I can't make the calls? 

Then don't panic. I follow the same format on a post in the community in interactive format via Video Ask so you can still get the whole benefit of the calls in the least amount of time! 

Can I work at my own pace? 

Yes you can, you can do the roadmap as fast or as slow as you want or even not at all if you just want private coaching and a community. 

Get Your Complete Action Plan For Your Membership & Get Private Coaching Fast Acting Bonus NOW!

To preserve my time and the ability to offer private coaching I am limiting the numbers of members which private coaching! 

PS some of the feedback I have had from my private coaching responses have been things like 'Ryan this is the best advice ever!' & 'Thank you Ryan, that one tip doubled my sales on my last sales pitch!' 

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