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So You Aren't Getting Members...

Trying Everything to get members?

You've got Kajabi (Others are available!), you've tried Facebook Ads, you've tried working on your copy yet nothing seems to be getting members - It's not your fault, all of those things can work but they need to work together in a solid plan. I'll work with you to create that plan. 

Feeling stressed and unfocused with your membership?

Because you aren't getting the results you wanted you've looked at what other people have  been doing and tried to copy what they are doing, which doesn't work for you because you spend all day just spinning your wheels, getting no progress - It's making you feel stressed, unworthy & like you don't want to do anything! 

Spend all day procrastinating? 

Just open the computer and spend all day being 'busy' spending time on Facebook, listening to podcasts on different tactics or ways to get members - because deep down you don't really know what to do. It's just plain wrong that the enemy procrastination gets to mess with here - work with me to banish this enemy and send him packing! 

Want to quit your membership? 

Let's face it, who want to keep going when they aren't getting results? I know I wouldn't either. It's why you need to get focused on what you can do and then work with somebody to coach you through the plan. 

Feel like you must be the reason people aren't buying? 

Starting to feel like something is wrong with you? I am here to tell you it's not you. Most of the time people aren't buying your membership is due to clarity - I will help you get clarity. 

Guessing where the next members are coming from? 

Have no idea where your next members are coming from? Let me help take the guesswork out of where your next members are coming from and let you focus on what you are best at, sharing your passion with the world. 

£97 A Month / No Contract

This Isn't a Faceless Membership, I Care Your Results. 

This Is Created By a Membership Site Owner That Cares About You. 

Get Focused

Get a plan on what to focus on inside your membership, so that your daily efforts aren't wasted, leading you to get more members and start loving your membership. 

You've Tried Everything To Get Members... 

You are unclear on how to get more members, heck you’ve perhaps even thought about quitting altogether. But you shouldn’t have to feel like that, you’ve spent too long mastering your topic, the world deserves to hear what you’ve got to say - you can change people’s lives. I can help you bust the enemy we call procrastination so you can have a clear, focused path to getting more members. 

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Get clarity on how to get members, stop stressing about what to do, trying different tactics and get a clear plan to leave procrastination at bay for good. 

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