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120 – George Byrant – Create a killer business by caring about your customers

by Ryan Carruthers | Last Updated: December 1, 2021

George Byrant is a legend of the marketing world, he has the right values as well.
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I had to bring George Byrant back as he was the most requested return guest.
The first podcast he did with me still tops the charts for downloads, that was about building an audience
Listen to George’s first podcast on audience building – Click here 
It made perfect sense to bring George back and ask him about creating killer offers.
This is one of the things that many people struggle with when it comes to getting members.
You have to have an offer people want, but creating these is often harder said than done.
So you can continue struggling along or you can spend 1 hour listening to this podcast and be armed with the tools.
You’ll be creating offers that land with your audience, week in week out.

George Byrant has a great history of saying ‘Relationships beat algorithms’

It’s a great way to view the world.
In this podcast episode George Byrant and I cover:
George even made an offer to do a LIVE studio audience podcast episode. Which need you to help with, so make sure you email in to make that happen!!!
If you want to connect with George them you have to DM him on Instagram
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Little tip there, if you see what George does with Instagram messages it will blow your mind and you can easily apply it to your own business.